hist-brewing: Slow Ferment

Wed Jul 7 13:41:40 PDT 1999

Opps, (at least) one bad piece of logic in my last post.  If you under pitch,
resulting in more consumption of sugars during the propagation phase,
for a 3# honey/gallon mead you probably would NOT end up with less
alcohol, because you will have plenty of sugar left over even after the
initial "waste" of sugar.  However, this could still have something to do
with the flavor of the finished mead, with an under pitching you would
get a dryer mead with the same alcohol level from the same amount of
honey, which would still probably result in a different character that may
be considered more pleasant by some.  But still, all this is just a guess,
and more to make the point that different things would happen with a
smaller pitching rate for meads, and some of them MAY be positive.


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