hist-brewing: Bottles ?

Melanie Wilson MelanieWilson at compuserve.com
Fri Jul 2 02:31:59 PDT 1999

>I am assuming you mean Pre-1600?

Why do you assume that ? that covers a hugh time, & geographical area.

>if so, there is archeological evidence of the use of bottles.

that is a very vague statement..... probably there is somewhere and at some
time :)

>slight post period it was in Very common use. Sir Hugh Platt wrote about
them, and using them to carbonate in the bottles just like modern day
using corks.

The query was as to what other people used in periods/places  where it was
NOT common, so regardless of what you mean by post period (I assume from
your statement above ,post 1600), it is not relevant to the query really.
Not meaning to sound snotty or anything, but not quite sure how else to
answer that really.

I am looking to find out what solutions people are using which are correct
(or potentially correct)for times and places where glass bottles are not
used. Pot being an obvious one, what experiences have people had with
brewing, fermenting  & storing in ceramics vessels ? Or wood ? Any leather
fans ? Or horn ? or metal ?


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