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Jerry J Harder mastergoodwine at juno.com
Thu Jul 1 19:37:17 PDT 1999

On Wed, 30 Jun 1999 21:42:25 -0500 "Barry T. Dallmann"
<oddinsgothi at EMAIL.MSN.COM> writes:
>Hello Brewers:
>My wife, who usually will only drink watered down light beer swill, 
>has said
>she wants an alcohol with walnuts in it.  I have no recipes that 
>walnuts, and wondered if anyone else did.  My wife prefers Beer 
>lagers, pilsners, etc.), but I would like wine, mead, cordial, 
>whatever you
>Thank you

Here is a reply I made to another It may be of some help.  I would say
the same applyes to beer here as it dose to mead.

On Wed, 28 Apr 1999 13:50:15 -0400 John Purdy <John_Purdy at JABIL.COM>
>Setting my goals on a hazelnut mead.  I have just found a bulk source 
>for hazelnuts and a bulk source for semi-local tupelo honey.  If anyone 
>has an idea how much hazelnut to use please offer your opinion, I'll be 
>winging it!
>        Mongo

	Nuts, and things like coffee beans which have a lot of oil in them, can
turn rancid.  If you add them to the wort when you cook it, you will
probably get better extraction.  The heat may or may not change the
flavor which may or may not be desirable but it does sanitize them.  I
would try 3 to 6 lbs nuts per gallon leaning to the heavy side but I like
my flavors strong and very pronounced.  A lighter beverage may require
lighter flavors.  I have never made a nut mead so that's a W.A.G.  I
would chop them into small pieces like for cookies but don't crush them
to peanut butter.
 	You may wish to make the base mead first, then treat part of the
beverage like an extraction or cordial using the base mead as the
"solvent". This gives the added advantage of making the extraction very
strong in nut-flavor with a small portion of the of the base mead and
blending with more base mead to achieve the best flavor.  It is also an
easy way to make several different flavor concentrations to expose to
public opinion.  Keep good notes on how much "extract" you blend with how
much base.  Once you achieve the perfect flavor, I can help you with
calculating how many nuts to add to a full batch If you need it.
	Please keep me posted.  Mead is my speciality and having never made a
nut one, am very interested in any experimentation in this area.

Master Gerald Goodwine.

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