hist-brewing: Thank you! Another ferment question

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Thu Jul 1 14:59:23 PDT 1999

Jonathan L. Shapiro (jls462 at psu.edu) said something that sounded like:
> I assume the
> location should be dark and at a pretty constant temperature.  I usually
> keep the place around 68-70 degrees, will that be alright? 

Damn. I wish I could keep my place that cool. In Texas I couldn't afford
the AC bill. 68-70 should be just fine for *most* yeasts.

> Also, though I
> could reserve an enclosure specifically for this process, I was originally
> thinking of setting the fermenting brew in the corner of a walk-in closet.

That would be fine as well. Wines, meads and ciders do not have the
serious problems that beers do with regard to light damage.

> That is until I remembered what yeast and its by-products smell like.  Will
> the gas escaping the air locks be of a sort that I wouldn't want in the
> proximity of clothing and linens?  I.e.: Will my garments be permeated with
> a foul smell?

I don't know. I use my utility room for my brewing.


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