hist-brewing: Thank you! Another ferment question

Jonathan L. Shapiro jls462 at psu.edu
Wed Jun 30 07:22:40 PDT 1999

    First off, I'd like to thank everyone who gave me input and helped to
extend my knowledge base.  That done, I have come to the conclusion that
this 2lbs/1gal mead mix is going to ferment for at least a few months, so I
went out and got some air-locks and a hydrometer as was recommended.  I am
using glass bottles with screw on caps rather than corks for bottling, so
the thought of continued fermentation turning these into pressurized
grenades was enough to convince me to acquire the equipment.
    My only remaining question, for now, has to do with lighting and
temperature.  I live in an apartment, so don't have access to a cellar or
anything, but I do have a few places I was considering.  I assume the
location should be dark and at a pretty constant temperature.  I usually
keep the place around 68-70 degrees, will that be alright?  Also, though I
could reserve an enclosure specifically for this process, I was originally
thinking of setting the fermenting brew in the corner of a walk-in closet.
That is until I remembered what yeast and its by-products smell like.  Will
the gas escaping the air locks be of a sort that I wouldn't want in the
proximity of clothing and linens?  I.e.: Will my garments be permeated with
a foul smell?  If so, I guess I'll have to designate a space specifically
for this.  Thanks again to everyone,  I'm already planning out my next
venture with a hybrid mix of the techniques recommended to me.


                Jonathan Shapiro

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