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<< My question has to do with the part about adding the vodka or
 grain alcohol to end the fermentation.  Rather than doing this, could I let
 the fermentation continue until it stops naturally?  Does anyone have an
 idea of about how long that would take as opposed to what is indicated in
 the recipe?  Is there an easy way to be sure that fermentation has stopped? 

	An intelligent person with an interesting recipe.  Welcome, brother!
	First off, I disagree with MS Feinstein's terming this a Small Mead.  
two pounds of honey in one gallon, this is a Great Mead, which means much 
longer aging times.  If you don't use the vodka to kill the yeast, this mead
will continue to ferment at a low level for a year, during which time it 
be racked to a clean sanitized jug, and topped up with cool boiled water 
every three months.  During this time it will become dryer and smoother, 
but it will probably still be pretty sweet.  
	I would add one teaspoon of acid mix to the boiled water when I 
it up after racking at three months.  At six months and again at nine months, 
taste the siphon after racking, and consider adding another teaspoon of 
acid mix if it's still too sweet.
	Slainte mhath,    Scotti

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