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	This was sent me today.  I know I'm preaching to the choir, but this 
is worthwhile:	

	I would like to climb up on a couple of my soapboxes on the above 
First, even though many of the larger brewers are still trying to pump 
lighter and lighter brews down the publics throats, I rejoice on the number 
of styles that are being brought to most markets. Want more hops? Try 
Anchor's Liberty Ale! Want more dark malts? Rouge Mocha Porter!! Want to make 
The Big Boys of Bad Beer to wake up? Try buying something else!!! Find 
something that you like, look for other beers in the same style or from the 
same brewer.
Too expensive? Find someone close that likes beer also and split a couple of 
six-packs. If you really want to save money and really enjoy beer? Brew it 
yourself. It is a lot easier than you think. With the kits that are available 
today you can make five gallons of really good beer as easy as opening a 
couple of cans and seasoning to taste.
In fact, my personal opinion is that the homebrewers are the backbone for the 
huge number of microbreweries that are springing up every year. Many of the 
Brewmasters and Founders of these brands became homebrewers because they 
could not find the European styles that they had enjoyed. 

R.U.M. has recently added my tasting class to their roster as a "Practical 
Survey of Beer Styles". I have been doing this class for several years as a 
ongoing project to expose the populace to "classic styles" . I ran this at 
Border Raids to a small but enthusiastic class. It is really simple to have a 
group tasting and if anyone would contact me I will be glad to give them a 
basic format and a few tips.

Now in closing, and in jest: Where is Water on the Beer Flavor Scale?

It has more flavor than Coors but a little less hops than Budweiser.

In suds to the Dream

Kojin, known as the wayfarer

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