hist-brewing: pre-1700's wine recipe

Michael D. Manning darke at inetworld.net
Tue Jun 29 17:07:32 PDT 1999

> > I like the hist-brewing list because most of my wine recipes date no
> > earlier than from the 1700's, and do not pertain to Sca timeperiod.
> I challenge anyone to tell me this isn't a pre-1700's wine "recipe":
> Ingredients:
>    Grapes...

    Sounds very much like something Marcus Porcius Cato (c. 234-149 B.C.)
would have written in "De agricultura," or what Marcus Gavius Apicius would
have written in "Apicius de re Coquinaria" (c.~50 A.D.) or like something
Secundus C. Plinius (Pliny the Elder) would have written in "Natural
History, book XIV" (c. ~77A.D.). Only difference would be that Greeks and
Romans sometimes liked to add salt to their wines.

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