hist-brewing: pre-1700's wine recipe

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Tue Jun 29 12:01:44 PDT 1999

> I like the hist-brewing list because most of my wine recipes date no
> earlier than from the 1700's, and do not pertain to Sca timeperiod.

I challenge anyone to tell me this isn't a pre-1700's wine "recipe":




   1. Squeeze juice out of grapes into narrow-mouthed container,
      such as a ceramic jug or amphora.

   2. Stuff a rag in the top.

   3. Wait.

   4. Decant off lees after a month.

   5. Wait some more (optional).

   6. Consume.

While this may sound like I'm poking fun, I really mean to point out
that brewing and vinting are *very* different when it comes to history.
Brewing differs from vinting in that it requires technology (albeit
very primitive technology is enough).  Wine has been made pretty much
the same way for thousands of years whereas brewing has progressed as
the technology has appeared: for making large metal vessels, for measuring
temperature, for measuring specific gravity more accurately (they used to
use eggs!), for separating the wort from the husks (originally, they
fermented on the husks and used narrow straws to drink liquid from this
fermented "stew"), etc.


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