hist-brewing: non-period fermenting vessel and yeast and recipe

Melanie Wilson MelanieWilson at compuserve.com
Mon Jun 28 23:24:44 PDT 1999

>  Let me PREFACE all this by saying that I am currently seeking to produce
volume OVER quality. BUT, whatever I make needs to be safe and at least
palatable. I need to use up my old stuff and to provide beverage for an
event at the end of July. I it must all be done cold(no boiling) and with
purified water(high iron and sediment problem.) The greatest portion of my
sugar will be [aarrgghh] sucrose.
I lack a good local brewing supplier and will amend my ways just as soon as
I am able.
   > Thus I have begun:
I have recently come into possession of several clear plastic 5 gallon
Has anyone used these? 
Keeping them in the dark is not a problem.
Do they contribute to any off flavor? 
Does anyone have a maximim %alchohol that would be safe in these without
picking up flavor? 
    I intend to start batches in them just as soon as possible(afixing
water locks to the lids.) I would not normally use these but they were so
cheap as to be nearly giving them away and I thought they must be food
grade since they were designed to hold water. My intended %alchohol should
be near 6%. Beverage for the masses.

I'm not sure exactly what a carboy is....However I have used a plastic beer
barrel to brew. This picked up no flavour .

But then again the following watch points the plastic for portable water
may not be suitable for containing alcohol, water is pretty inert wheras 
alcohol is more reactive. Brewing produces CO2 therefore the vessel needs
to be capable of withstanding these pressures. A five gallon explosion
would not be fun !

By clear do you mean see through ? If so this type of plastic is normally
thin & relativly brittle, wheras plasic brewing vessels are more like
polypropylene and thich I guess 5mm or so wall thickness. Do you not have
the proper things in the US ? Here you can get 2nd hand ones for about 5


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