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Why is Budweiser like making love in a canoe?
It's fucking close to water!!
Thank you Monty Python


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> writes:
> << Likewise many
>  beers etc are adjusted to the countries palate.   >>
>         Yes, and isn't it a shame!  Over here the lifespan of an import beer,
> as something that one would actually want to buy, is about three years.
> I blame it on feedback from the marketing people.
>         First they increase the carbonation.  I wind up stirring it with a
> fork
> to get rid of the excess.  Then they decrease the hops, followed by
> the malt.  I have watched with dismay as this has happened to San
> Miguel, Heineken, and Dos Equis (does that name mean that they filter
> it through the kidneys of two horses, one after the other?)
>         Bass and Grolsch are two of the few that preserve most of the
> original character that got them here in the first place.  Most of the
> rest are evolving convergently toward Budweiser.  Why is drinking
> Budweiser like making love in a canoe?
>         Curmudgeonally,  Scotti
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