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    Let me PREFACE all this by saying that I am currently seeking to produce volume OVER quality. BUT, whatever I make needs to be safe and at least palatable. I need to use up my old stuff and to provide beverage for an event at the end of July. I it must all be done cold(no boiling) and with purified water(high iron and sediment problem.) The greatest portion of my sugar will be [aarrgghh] sucrose.
I lack a good local brewing supplier and will amend my ways just as soon as I am able.
    Thus I have begun:
I have recently come into possession of several clear plastic 5 gallon carboys.
Has anyone used these? 
Keeping them in the dark is not a problem.
Do they contribute to any off flavor? 
Does anyone have a maximim %alchohol that would be safe in these without picking up flavor? 
    I intend to start batches in them just as soon as possible(afixing water locks to the lids.) I would not normally use these but they were so cheap as to be nearly giving them away and I thought they must be food grade since they were designed to hold water. My intended %alchohol should be near 6%. Beverage for the masses.

    Also, I have not brewed for some time. But, have a large selection of various yeast(powder in packet) that I was intending to blend all together and do the darwin( wasn't he one of the old saints ) thing in a starter and then cast it into my fermenters(along with some other (very) old stuff.)
My question: Is there any reason not to blend these together?
If I use at least some malt(canned syrup) in each batch: Should the necessary nutrients be present?
If not, what are some grocery store purchase stuff for minerals/nutrients?

    And more, does anyone have very simple recipes for the above mentioned brewing? That is to say those of low malt and hops but wanting to add some flavor.
I have a couple of ideas but would appreciate input.

My gratitude,
Titus Terranova
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