hist-brewing: Re: [sca_brew] Spice Question

Karen Olson kaolson3 at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 28 20:20:35 PDT 1999

To answer your spice question, I would try Earl Grey Tea its easy to find 
and, peppermint tea is nowhere near close.  Also I wouldn't use any ground 
spices in mead or wine recipes.  the reason that I say this is that the 
flavor isn't as good and the mead or wine will be very hard to clear.  With 
whole spices or large pieces your can put them in a cheesecloth bag and hang 
that in the must of the fermentor or just throw them in and take them out 

Hope this helps

Caitriona ignen Mairgrec

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Sorry - Last message got screwed up somehow.  Here is what it should have

Is anyone out there this afternoon?  I'm needing some advice

I've got a mead recipe that calls for the steeping of 6 bags of Earl Grey 
(probably for the tannins.)  I don't have any Earl Grey, but I do have some
peppermint tea.  Would this substitution be bad?  Would the peppermint be 

Also, the recipe calls for whole cinnamon sticks, but all I have is ground
cinnamon.  About how much ground cinnamon equals a cinnamon stick?

Thanks in advance.


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