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<< Likewise many
 beers etc are adjusted to the countries palate.   >>

	Yes, and isn't it a shame!  Over here the lifespan of an import beer, 
as something that one would actually want to buy, is about three years.
I blame it on feedback from the marketing people.
	First they increase the carbonation.  I wind up stirring it with a 
to get rid of the excess.  Then they decrease the hops, followed by 
the malt.  I have watched with dismay as this has happened to San 
Miguel, Heineken, and Dos Equis (does that name mean that they filter 
it through the kidneys of two horses, one after the other?)
	Bass and Grolsch are two of the few that preserve most of the 
original character that got them here in the first place.  Most of the
rest are evolving convergently toward Budweiser.  Why is drinking 
Budweiser like making love in a canoe?
	Curmudgeonally,  Scotti

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