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Fri Jun 18 11:25:04 PDT 1999


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In my short time as a member of the SCA I have tried to communicate with
the brewers of my fine Kingdom (the Outlands) and surrounding
kingdoms on many occasions.  I have found this very difficult and have
been depressed at the lack of unity brewers have in this region.  So in an
attempt to improve this communication, and hopefully our whole craft and
Kingdoms, I have started a brewers list for the Kingdom of the Outlands
and the region (Artemisia, Atenveldt, Calontir, Ansteorra).  This list is
intended to be used to communicate about things of local interest,
brewing events, guilds, policy, supplies, general social occasion in our
area, and just getting to know other brewers.  There are several other
lists that discuss the development of recipes and processes and this is
not meant to duplicate those, although no discussion will be considered
off topic.  I also figure this may be useful for autocrats that may want to
organize brewing events, and for drinkers and anyone else that is
interested.  Here are the details.

To subscribe you must register with onelist, who I am using as a server
(it is free!).  Go to www.onelist.com/subscribe/sca_brew.  Most of your
questions about how the list works can be answered at
www.onelist.com, or contact me. 

Good luck and happy brewing.

Nathi O'Peatain

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