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Kappler, MMC Richard A. KAPPLERR at swos.navy.mil
Wed Jun 16 06:05:03 PDT 1999

> There is already an SCA list for BNV.

Um, that list is for distillation, and when founded, was intended to
mostly discuss US legal issues regarding distillation. I suspect that
most of the people joining it aren't aware of this list, which is the
other way that communities get split (sigh).

<bigger sigh> The list is titled as for distilling, but discusses anything
and everything having to do with alcohol and/or essential oils.  When
created, it was stated that it would only very loosely be controlled, and
thus anything is up for discussion.  I, evil list administrator of the dist
list, cannot and will not stifle discussion because it does not strictly
adhere to the list name, and state as much in the opening letter and rather
frequently on the list.  The Dist list is meant to be a friendly community
of people interested in distilling, and logic dictates that if you are
interested in distilling, you must first understand fermentation.  Hence,
the discussion of brewing, mazing, vinting and cordials on the dist list is
not inappropriate at all.

On the other hand, I have been a subscriber to this list for some two years
now, and have indeed recommended it to people on my list.  We run a much
looser list which seems to be more attractive to beginners, and the fact
that we are not OT anal appeals to even experts, of which we have many.
That last was not meant to imply that this fine list is OT anal BTW.  

Anyway, your suspicion Sir, that most people joining the Dist list are
unaware of this one, is wholly unfounded, and implies that we are trying to
steal your membership, which we are not.  If you want to recruit members,
make people more aware of your list, don't lament that there are others out
there in copetition with you.  Secondly, it is not my intention as the
creator and administrator of the dist list to 'split communities,' but if
people are more comfortable discussing brewing on that list than this one, I
am certainly not going to stop them.

Regards, Puck

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