hist-brewing: Syrup feeding frenzy

John Purdy John_Purdy at Jabil.com
Tue Jun 15 09:19:12 PDT 1999

Good gentles,

I have a thought I'd like to bounce off y'all.  Tell me what you think, OK?

As I understand a yeast can be pushed beyond (or to?) its normal maximum
alcohol level by feeding it slowly instead of all at once.  I've heard/seen
referred to as syrup feeding.

Questions : 

1)	Does this effect overall attenuation? (sweet/dry factor)
2)	Is it best to syrup feed during vigorous fermentation, after peak
activity or when?

My idea is to use candi sugar, lump sugar or crystallized honey in the
fermentor, depending 
on the brew, and was wondering when to add it and how useful it would be.
Does anybody 
know of this being done?  I thought the lump or candi sugar would go right
in the secondary
so the agitation of the fermentation would help dissolve it in the beer.
Then it seemed
reasonable to put a piece of crystallized honey in an aging mead to eke out
a couple more 
points and have a sweet finish.  (Yes, I like mine sweeter than most.  I
also like the surprise 
factor for other people...they don't realize the kick!  Most people are hard
pressed to consume 
that much of my mead again.)

I thank you all in advance for any wisdom or theories.

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