hist-brewing: Re: hist-brewing and SCA-Meridian-Brewers

Jeff Renner nerenner at umich.edu
Tue Jun 15 05:37:13 PDT 1999

PBLoomis at aol.com wrote

>	I have therefore established a new listserv called
><SCA-Meridian-Brewers at onelist.com>, where we can freely discuss
>SCA-specific matters such as Period documentation and SCA brewing
>politics, both in Meridies and Society-wide, as well as brewing, vintning,
>and mead-making prior to AD1600.

I hope this new list will remove only SCA policy, etc. discussions from
hist-brewing and not general historic brewing posts.  I would far rather be
"imposed upon" with SCA stuff than to lose SCA brewers and their input to
the new list.  The last part of your note ("as well as ... ") makes it
sound like the latter will happen.


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