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From: Chris J. Caronna, R. Ph. <ccaronna at swbell.net>
> I hope someone can help me with a recipe that calls for "Orange Flower
> Water".  Does anyone know how to make it...

    The "water" is probably the distilled oils / essence of the orange
flower.  I have recipes for several "flower" waters. The one specifically
for the orange flower is from "The French Perfumer" (Parfumeur francois)
Printed in London, 1696 and the recipe is:
    Orange-flower-water distilled in a cold still.
    INfuse two Pounds of Orange-flowers dry in two Pints of Water three or
four hours, then pour it in the still, and distil it...
    Luckily, it is still legal to distill oils and essences for perfumes in
this country!

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