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<<Greetings Fellow Brewers and Vintners!
I hope someone can help me with a recipe that calls for "Orange Flower 
Water".  Does anyone know how to make it, what it consists of, or where  it 
may be commercially available?  Any help would be appreciated.>>


I would head right down to my local Middle Eastern/ International grocer's.  
(If you live in a decent-sized urban area, there's probably one near you!)    
Orange flower water, is kind of like Rose-water.  They are both commercially 
sold, bottled substances, containing water with trace amounts of the 
essential oil of these blossoms.   Or, if you prefer the old-fashioned way, 
you can get a WHOLE bunch of petals, "wash" them with distilled water, and 
save the resulting liquid.   (I prefer the bottled stuff;  it means less 
flowers have to die, and no risk of pesticides!)

Both are non-toxic;  both smell heavenly; and both are usually found on the 
shelf together.   They are used as flavorings in some exotic cooking dishes  
(particularly in period), for finger-bowl-water ....and in some really 
delicious cordials I have sampled.   I have a Rose-Almond recipe that'll blow 
your mind.  ;)  Very, VERY exotic tasting.

Happy hunting!

^v^ Fionna ni Caisidhe of the Firebrand

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