hist-brewing: hist-brewing and SCA-Meridian-Brewers

Beth Ann Snead ladypeyton at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 14 15:31:29 PDT 1999

SCotti posted
> > 	I have therefore established a new listserv called
> > <SCA-Meridian-Brewers at onelist.com>, where we can freely discuss
> > SCA-specific matters such as Period documentation and SCA brewing
> > politics, 

> I would recommend against this. Although I am an SCA member and I
> could have intentionally founded a SCA brewing list, I
> Otherwise, we've just split the brewing community down the middle,
> and
> we all lose.

I see no reason why SCAdians on this list can't decide they want to
be on both lists.  There are many times I wanted to comment on SCA
politics in regards to brewing and have refrained because of the
nature of this list.  I feel especially now that SCAdian Brewers seem
to be under attack that it's vitally important we have a place to
discuss the new extremely restrictive policies that the general
populace seems to think have been put in place and where rumor and
truth differ.

Since hist-brew doesn't fulfill that need then it's a good thing that
there now is a list that can.

Beth Ann
Lettice, Lady Peyton in the SCA
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