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PBLoomis at aol.com PBLoomis at aol.com
Mon Jun 14 08:35:13 PDT 1999

	We members of the SCA have been imposing on the good nature 
of owner-hist-brewing with our continued comments on things that are 
only of interest to SCAdians, such as documentation procedures, and 
most recently the Society Exchequer's letter about brewing.  The owner 
has been very genteel about our infringements, but we don't want to 
drive away those hist-brewing members who are not SCAdians.
	I have therefore established a new listserv called
<SCA-Meridian-Brewers at onelist.com>, where we can freely discuss
SCA-specific matters such as Period documentation and SCA brewing 
politics, both in Meridies and Society-wide, as well as brewing, vintning, 
and mead-making prior to AD1600.
	Non-SCAdians are welcome, but may find some of the discussions 
not particularly interesting.  SCAdians from outside Meridies are 
likewise welcome, but may be similarly bored by internal Meridian 
	If you want to subscribe, go to <http://www.onelist.com> and fill in 
the blanks.

	In joy and service,     THL Scotti mac Curraugh

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