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	I pulled this off my wife's <SCA Exchequers> listserv, and post it 
here for the edification and possible compliance of all.  I know I've been 
guilty of most of these faults, and probably will be again, but I keep trying.
	Rule Two has previously been addressed by owner-hist-brewing.
Netiquette rules

If you are new to this (and, even if you're not, it bears repeating), it is a 
very good idea to get some kind of instruction on both how your particular
mail program, news reader, or web browser works, and what constitutes "good 
manners" in the wonderful world of the Internet.  I can't hope to educate
anyone fully on the subject in this brief message, but here are a few good 
points to make life on the mailing list a little bit easier for you and 
else.  More extensive treatises on this subject can be found by searching 
such sites as "yahoo" and "alta vista" for the word "netiquette".


Keep signature files to a minimum - 4 lines is the commonly accepted maximum.

Turn off MIME-compliant and/or HTML encoding if you are posting your messages 
from a web browser -- it appends duplicate, unreadable binary files or
hard-to-read HTML code to your posts which only wastes bandwidth, space and 
other people's time.

Make sure that your text editor will wrap your sentences at 70 characters per 
line; this is optimal, leaving enough space to quote someone's post without
it getting horribly misconfigured.

Do not post binary files (either text or pictures) to the list.

Do not advertise your business, unless it is in direct response to a specific 
query.  Minimal signature file advertising is acceptable.

Learn how to use your mail program's text editor!  Trim down the included 
text of the message to which you are replying to the minimum needed to make a
coherent response.  Repeating the entire text of a message just to include a 
one-line reply is a waste of bandwidth.

When the topic of a thread changes, make a point of changing the Subject: 
line to reflect the change.  Standard methodology is to say: Arglebargle (was 

If a topic devolves to a point where only 2 or 3 people are participating, or 
if the substance becomes little more than in-jokes that nobody else gets,
take the conversation off the list to private email.

You don't *have* to reply to each and every message that gets sent to you 
from the list.

If you haven't been keeping up with things on the list for a couple of days 
(or more), read all the messages through first; the point that you make, or 
answer you give, may have already been supplied by somebody else.

Personally, I don't think it is appropriate to post other people's e-ddresses 
to the list; if someone makes a request for someone else's e-dress, mail it
to them privately, not to the list.

Always check the e-ddress that appears in the To: line when replying to a 
message.  The list is set up to send replies to messages back to the list's
e-ddress.  If you don't want everyone on the list to read a message meant to 
be sent privately, make sure that it is being sent to one person in
particular, not the list as a whole.

The words "to" and "from", when they are at the start of *any* line in your 
post to the list will cause the list serve program to gack, and reject the
balance of the message after the offending word.  This has come to be termed 
"The Great Truncator", because this is what, in essence, it does.  I try to
rescue as much of the mangled message as is possible and repost it to the 
list, but sometimes what is left over is not a pretty sight.  Also, the name
"SIGURD" is a word of power, and will cause similar
problems with the list.  {Morgan's note:  Not sure if this applies to ONELIST 
or not}


Please observe copyright laws!

{end of Netiquette posting}

	Ann gairdeachas agus obair,    Scotti

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