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In a message dated 6/12/99 9:16:03 AM EST, wyliesmith at isomedia.com writes:
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  Ivy, Ground  <snip>  >>

	Thank you. That makes sense.  It looks as though we have two good 
candidates for gruit, costmary (Tanacetum balsamita) and ground ivy (Glechoma 
hederacea), each of which is cited in the online literature as having 
actually been used as a gruit during the medieval period.  I intend to try 
each, and maybe both.
	I'm sure that our correspondents who offered the citations consider 
these resources to be reliable, and that's great!  That's what the Net is all 
	However, I have the misfortune to be a member of a subculture which 
has not yet made its peace with the Net, and whose dominant members still 
prefer citation from the print literature.  Any help?
	In joy and service,     Scotti

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