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> I am curious. Lets say, as just an example... that gift baskets were
> exchanged between kingdoms.... no SCA funds were used to buy the alcohol,
> there is among the items in the basket, a small bottle of cordial. My
> says this is still illegal. Opinions please?

    It may be that the gift baskets cannot be exchanges between "kingdoms."
But, if they are exchanged  between two individual instead... I know that
this is getting into one of those very, very gray areas but I am not sure my
self how to procede from here.  Any other opinions about this?

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From: P. Burr Loomis <PBLoomis at AOL.COM>

>         In Meridies, we're protected from that particular bit of
> because our brewsgroup is not a guild.  Our Brewers Guild died of lack
> of interest.

    I would hate to see my local brewers guild die due to legal
ramifications. We have worked very hard to try and build up the interest in
medieval brewing, vinting, etc. in our local Barony.  I hate to loose.
Especially if it is caused by "lawyers!" But. I see where a non-affiliated
group would have some degree of protection.

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