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I am curious. Lets say, as just an example... that gift baskets were 
exchanged between kingdoms.... no SCA funds were used to buy the alcohol, but 
there is among the items in the basket, a small bottle of cordial. My reading 
says this is still illegal. Opinions please?

As I read it, if we buy it, we're in violation ... if we donate it, we're in 
violation. If we TALK about it, we're in violation. 

Gods save us from Lawyers and well meaning (I hope) Legislators.

SCA, INC--As per SCA Policy, it is prohibited to use any SCA funds for the 
purchase of alcohol. This includes the USA and Canada. 

This includes the following: 
1.For use as Prizes in tournaments or raffles
2.As gifts
3.For re-sale at Taverns, Bar's or Inn's
4.Or given away at a Tavern, Bar or Inn 

Any donated alcoholic items for any of the above reasons is also prohibited. 
"Further discussion with Andrew also revealed that local brewer's newsletters 
are putting us in insurance peril if they focus on redacting recipes or 
publishing new recipes developed by members of the guild." Ouotes and 
underline mine.. 


In a message dated 6/12/1999 1:45:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
darke at inetworld.net writes:

>    As a side note to those SCA brewers that do not subscribe to the
>  Calontir brewing list. I have posted the two SCA policy letters relating to
>  insurance and alcohol at:
>  http://www.inetworld.net/darke/policy.htm
>  And lastly, in the words of another brewer, "my opinions are my own!"
>  Michael

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