hist-brewing: SCA Potable/Mead Competition Documentation Rules

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<PBLoomis at aol.com> wrote:
> First, cordials are no longer in Brewing/Vintning (in Meridies), but are
to be
> entered in Cooking.  Historically, that's really where they belong.

    Most of the Cordial (water) recipes I have found have been in general
household manuals and distillation / medical treasties under the heading of
"medicine."  Even the few I have found in "cookery" books are listed as
cures and preventions for sickness. Medieval cordials are almost always
distilled and they rarely resemble the "liquors" we mundanely refer to as
cordials.. I cannot think of any foods that are commonly distilled and I
would not consider a medicine to fall under the caytagory of food. Also,
being alcoholic, cordials more closely resemble wines and "brews."

> Secundus, items which are blatantly out-of-Period will not be
> judged (though the judges may sample and/or drink them at their
> own [in]discretion).

    I agree! If you are holding a period competition the recipes should be
medieval. If it is a mundane competition then anything goes.

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 <PBLoomis at aol.com> writes
> A young lady of our barony, who has won four previous Master-
> works in cordials, sent her latest, a truly awesome apricot/vanilla
> cordial and beautifully documented,

    I have seen cordial recipes with snails and earth worms but not apricots
and vanilla. Do you have a copy of her documentation or know where she found
the cordial recipe using apricots and vanilla?

> As it was told to me, when the entry only
> received a Notable (C+),

    Did this cordial resemble a modern liquor instead of a medieval cordial

>  the courier, an accomplished cordialier
> himself, inquired of the Laurel in charge as to what else the
> submitter could have done.  The reply was, "Well, did she distill
> her own alcohol?"

    I am sure we all know the legal ramifications of the above reply!

    As a side note to those SCA brewers that do not subscribe to the
Calontir brewing list. I have posted the two SCA policy letters relating to
insurance and alcohol at:

And lastly, in the words of another brewer, "my opinions are my own!"

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