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This just came in from an on-line correspondent in the 

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<< According to my favorite modern (i.e. w/ modern, up-to-date botanical 
names) herb
 book, Alecost is the same as costmary, is Tanacetum balsamita [formerly 
known as Chrysanthemum balsamita], and was used before hops to clear, flavor 
and preserve ale.
 Gill-over-the-ground is the same as ground ivy, is Glechoma hederacea 
[formerly known as Nepeta hederacea] and has been used to make a medicinal 
tea or eaten in salads. No mention is made of this plant being used in ale.
 The book is by Lesley Bremness, called simply Herbs, and is part of the 
Eyewitness Handbook series published by DK Publishing.

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