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<< I understand that to officially make an entry into a Potable/Mead 
competition, the entry should include proper documentation. Can someone send 
me the official SCA form/format for this documentation? If there isn't one, 
any suggestions would be appreciated.
owner-hist-brewing at pbm.com replied:
<< First off, please note that this is a historical brewing list, and not
an SCA list, so we're straying to the edge of useful topics. On the
other hand, the non-SCA community seems to have even more competitions
than the SCA, so this may interest them:

There is no SCA-wide form or format, but some localities do have such
forms. You're best off contacting someone who's running such a
competition in your local area. >>

	As far as I know, there is no SCA policy on this, and hence 
no standardized form or format.  Each Kingdom sets its own policy.
	In Meridies, we have recently had a major refinement of the 
policy on brewing/vintning, which applies at Kingdom and Principality 
levels, and I hope, at Mid-Winter and eastern region levels also.
This policy change was developed through consultation with several 
prominent brewers in the Kingdom, and promulgated by Mistress 
Rosemounde, the Kingdom A&S Minister, in her column in the 
October 1998 issue of _Popular_Chivalry_, the Kingdom newsletter.
I recommend reading that column, and the following one by the 
Brewing/Vintning Deputy, very carefully. 
	First, cordials are no longer in Brewing/Vintning, but are to be 
entered in Cooking.  Historically, that's really where they belong.
	Secundus, items which are blatantly out-of-Period will not be 
judged (though the judges may sample and/or drink them at their 
own [in]discretion).  Documentation must include, in the first 
sentence, a statement of what beverage is being replicated.  The 
second sentence must describe the brewing style of the entry.
Look at an American Homebrew Association (AHA) style sheet
to see the kinds of things that are considered important.
"This is a replica of an unhopped 14th Century English ale, as 
brewed in the household of Elizabeth de Burgh, Lady of Clare, 
in 1333-1334. It is cloudy and malty and sour, with no hop 
flavor, good mouthfeel, and very little if any carbonation."
"This is a replica of an Elizabethan beer, as brewed by triple 
infusion (although they didn't call it that) in the household of 
the Reverend William Harrison, at Radwinter in northwest 
Essex about the year 1577.  It is cloudy and malty, with 
almost no hop flavor, good mouthfeel, and very little if any 
	The rest of the documentation must document the 
pre-AD1600 use of each ingredient (and process).  Scoring 
will use a modified version of the 10-point AHA judging 
sheets.  One point will be deducted for no documentation.  
One point will be added for superb documentation.  To get 
a Masterwork, you must get that extra point for documentation.	
	In joy and Service,		THL Scotti

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