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Sun Jun 6 17:44:52 PDT 1999

>	Does anybody have a timeline for crystal malt?  I know how it is
>made, by raising the temperature of green malt until the sugars dissolve in
>the residual moisture, then cooling it rapidly to crystallize the dissolved
>sugars.  I understand that this destroys the amylases, so that these sugars
>do not ferment, and thereby contribute more to mouthfeel and sweetness.  But
>when was crystal malt developed?  Does anybody have any documentation?
>	Thanks,     Scotti

That doesn't sound quite right.  Green malt doesn't have sugars
in appreciable amounts.  There's a full mash starch conversion
in there before it's dried (not a very efficient mash because
it's grain, not grist). This is what deactivates the diastase.
The low fermentability is due to the high temperature of the mash,
not to the lack of enzymes.

As to when, I am keen to learn myself.  I also wonder whether it
appeared first in British ales or Bavarian style beers (I suspect
the latter), or perhaps in some other continental style.

Dan Butler-Ehle
bir pneurd

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