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Thu May 13 16:11:23 PDT 1999

Jeff Renner writes:
>One of the first homebrew recipes I saw
. . .
>Stir until sugar and malt dissolved, then float a slice or rye
. . .
>I guess the slice of bread
. . .
>perhaps added
>some nutirent to what would have been a very deficient wort

I think "*very* deficient" [emphasis mine] is an exaggeration.
Even though it only has a quarter to a third the barley malt of
a modern all-malt homebrew (grocery store malt syrup was up to
50% rice and/or corn), that little bit can still provide a goodly
amount of yeast nutrition.  I would consider a straight mead to
be "very deficient" on that point, but not a beverage made with
at least 20% malt.

Dan Butler-Ehle

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