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Jeff Renner nerenner at umich.edu
Thu May 13 08:33:57 PDT 1999

At 11:01 AM -0400 5/13/99, PBLoomis at aol.com wrote:
>I thought barm was like a sourdough starter, put in a bowl in the
>bottom of the fermenter, and the cooled wort run in on top of it.  That's the
>impression I got reading Wm. Harrison's section on brewing in his Description
>of England (1577).

From OED:


barm bam, sb.2 Forms: 1 beorma, 3 beorme, berrme, 4-5 berm(e, 5-7 barme, (7
birme), 7- barm. [OE. beorma; prob. common Teut. (:-*bermon-), though early
cognates are wanting; cf. Da. bärme, Sw. barma, Fris. berme, barm, LG.
borme, barme, barm, mod.G. bärme. ]


a. The froth that forms on the top of fermenting malt liquors, which is
used to leaven bread, and to cause fermentation in other liquors; yeast,

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