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>From: "Eric A. Rhude" <ateno at panix.com>
>Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 13:23:05 -0400
>Subject: Re: hist-brewing: Godisgood
>Digby mentioned toast with barm spread on it
>that he would float on the wort..
>It might have been the stopgap for knowing they
>have to add the barm to make the wort work.

Here's an historical brewing note that this reminds me of.  One of the
first homebrew recipes I saw (late '60s but it dated from prohibition) was
a can of malt extract, 5 lbs of sugar and 5 gallons hot water in a stone
crock.  Stir until sugar and malt dissolved, then float a slice or rye
bread (apparently it had to be rye) and put a yeast cake on the rye "raft."
Cover the crock with cheesecloth to keep out flies.  I guess the slice of
bread allowed the wort to cool before pitching the yeast, and perhaps added
some nutirent to what would have been a very deficient wort, even with the
rye.  Of course, you would then bottle this when the hydrometer reached the
"red line," which all hydrometers had and which was around 1.004, as I
recall.  This was supposed to leave just enough fermentables to properly
prime the bottles, as 1.000 was the supposed terminal gravity.  Of course,
it might be the middle of the night!  Miscalculations and variations were
rife, and exploding bottles common.  I made only one batch of this before
proceding to better recipes.


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