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Mon May 10 13:55:09 PDT 1999

I have recieved several requests for the recipe and reference source of Gruit 
Ales after I mentioned them last week.
There are 2 recipes in the John Harrison book  Old British Beers and How to 
Make Them.  
His reference source is the book by Patton, J. Additives in Beer.  Patton 
Publications, Swimbridge, Barnstaple, UK, 1989

John  has an extensive discussion of old malts, kilning practices, hops, and 
modern day addaptive techniques to emmulate the old styles.  Modern carapils 
is used to replace old Pale Amber Malt.

  (1st)  Gruit Ale, c. 1300   OG 80   1 Imperial Gallon
1.75 # Pale Malt
1.5  # Carapils
1.5 grams each of Myrica Gale (Sweet Gale), Ledum Palustre (Marsh Rosemary) 
and Achillea Millefolium (Millfoil or Yarrow)
boil the herb mixture with the wort for 20 minutes  
Mature 4 months
   (2nd) Gruit Ale, c. 1300  OG 50   1 Imperial Gallon
same as previous ale but use 1.25 # Pale Malt, .75# carapils, and only 1 gram 
each of the herbs
Mature for 3 months

Hope this helps. There are several more recipes for Medieval Beers that list 
other reference sources. I didn't know how many others you want posted.  Any 
more questions?
Cheers,  Jazzbo

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