hist-brewing: sanitation

kathy/jim kbooth at scnc.waverly.k12.mi.us
Mon May 10 05:38:30 PDT 1999

Maybe barrels weren't sterilized, just dumped and the bugs and yeasts
for brewing remained.  Where there were bad bugs and the previous brew
went bad, maybe these infected barrels were eliminated while "sweet"
barrels or kegs were reused, hence the "yeast"/bugs in the sweet barrels
worked on the wort to generate  good beer. 

My point is that not much sanitation would be needed if fresh, boiled
wort were put in sweet barrels.

As I understand, even without Pasteur's knowledge of yeast (1850-60's),
brewers knew  they needed to innoculate new wort with the "froth" of
fermenting good beer. Can someone tell me what this froth and process of
pitching it were called?  Thanks....

cheers,  jim booth, lansing, mi

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