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    It took me a while to find it but I knew I had the info somewhere.

    From "The Art and Mystery of Vintners and Wine-Coopers ... London, Printed for Will. Whitford ... 1682"

"13. How to make Scent.
    Take four ounces of Brimstone and a little Allom, and a spoon-ful of Aqua vite and mix them together, then take a piece of new Canvas and dip therein; then must you have in readiness the powder of Nutmegs and a few Cloves or Orange peels, a few Coriander-seeds and Anniseeds, being ready bruised before your Brimstone be cold : strew them upon your Cloth, and when it is cold lay it upon clean paper, and it will be very good for your Cask."

(Note: Several other recipes for "scent" are listed. Each contains brimstone, "cloth", aqua vite and herbs.)

The Fourth Book, "34. A Remedy for the same.
    Wash your Cask very clean, and let it be full of Water, and the next morning draw it clean out, burn a good Scent in it, and it will make your Wine fret and boyl; ..."

Better late than never,
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