hist-brewing: Barrels and casks

John Lifer, jr jliferjr at misnet.com
Fri May 7 20:49:05 PDT 1999

According to J. Lightbody in Every Man his own Gauger, circa 1695,
an ale gallon is equivalent to 282 cubic inches.
Here is a list of other dimensions listed therein:
Barrel of Beer is 36 gallons
Barrel of Ale is 32 g
Beer Kilderkin 18 g
Ale Kilderkin 16 g
Beer Firkin 9 g
Ale Firkin 8 g
Butt of Beer is 108 gallons
An Hogshead is 54 gallons
Havings said that, what was the proper name for a half gallon of beer or

-a Pottle.
John Lifer
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