hist-brewing: A Movie for Historic Brewers

Abbott, Ruth r-abbott at oar-xch1.oar.uiuc.edu
Fri May 7 11:22:49 PDT 1999

I was much surprised last night when I happened to watch an old Bette Davis
movie called "June Bride" last night.  The father of the family in the movie
offered a visitor from NYC a drink in a rather hushed voice.  He said, "My
wife is temperance," by way of explanation for the secrecy.  He then opened
an out-of-the-way window, and pulled up a cord, at the end of which was a
gallon sized crockery jug.  He said to the other fellow that it was full of
cider and that his wife keeps putting the cork back in the jug, which stops
it from fermenting.  The man from NYC seems dubious that mere cider could be
worth drinking.  As the drinks are being poured, he asks what is that
strange sound of clanking in the jug.  The father explains that he lets it
freeze a bit, too, and that is just ice.  Still looking dubious, the city
man takes a swallow, and is obviously affected by the high alcohol content.
The next we see him, the jug is empty (it was probably half or a third full
to start with), and he is wasted.  All he can say is, "The apple is our


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