hist-brewing: Historical "non-sanitization"--any experience?

Wade Hutchison whutchis at bucknell.edu
Fri May 7 07:11:02 PDT 1999

Well, there is a book on weights and measures used in England,
I believe through the 18th century, so you can find out for sure
if there is a difference between an ale barrel and a beer barrel.
A Hogshead is always 2 barrels.  When scaling recipes down from
hogshead sizes to homebrewing sizes, I always use 62 gallons, as
current US gallons are very close to 16th century (ale or beer)
gallons.   Think in terms of 4 half-barrel kegs if you want to 
imagine the weight (just over 500 lbs of wort).

>In Another post PBLoomis at aol.com said:
>Hogsheads weren't 500 gallons - they were much less.  My memory is that it 
>depended on wether it was ale or beer - both of which had different volumes 
>for a hogshead - Something like 36 and 42 respectively.  Don't quote me on 
>those numbers - my memory is REALLY foggy.  A full hogshead would be quite 
>heavy, but not unmanageable (with the use of ramps, hoists, ect...)
>Hope this helps.
>Happy brewing

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