hist-brewing: Oak Barrel

Thu May 6 08:08:24 PDT 1999

Local brew shops usually can get American Oak 5 gal. barrels for about
$125-135.  You can get french oak barrels for about $185-$200 but they
are harder to find.  I know St. Pats (www.stpats.com) carries both. 
>From my research, the American has a strong oak flavor that takes years
to mellow.  There is a product called barrel-kleen (also from St Pats or
your local) that will remove some of the problem oak tannins.  With the
American Oak, the secret is to only add it to the barrel for a short time
(2-3 days at max) until it has mellowed.  On the other hand the French
oak has very little flavor and is probably more period.  

For info on one persons experience with American Oak, read the Oak
Barrel Experiment in the Library section of The Brewery

The other option is to enter and win Helena's Rhythm and Brews Fest
brewing competition., first place is an American Oak Barrel (see below,
thanks for the lead in Lance).


Warning -- SCA specific announcement to follow  **Announcing Helena's
Rhythm and Brews Fest at Silver Pass Tourney/Founder Feast, Shire of
Rio de Las Animas Perdidas, Kingdom of the Outlands (Durango, CO),
September 3rd through 6th.  Including a brewing competition and party. 
See  http://members.aol.com/jpatton319/brew.html for further info.**

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