hist-brewing: Historical "non-sanitization"--any experience?

bjm10 at cornell.edu bjm10 at cornell.edu
Wed May 5 14:16:35 PDT 1999

On Wed, 5 May 1999 Owenbrau at aol.com wrote:

> however, wood is basicly unsanitizable; after its first use, its infected, 
> period. this is why i think we should add brettanomyces yeasts to our period 

Mmmmm... Brett.

Do you recommend Wyeast's "Brett Blend", Yeastlab's Brettanymyces 
culture, or another source?

> to answer the question i think you're asking, which is, "how can i clean my 
> equipment in a period manner?" my answer to that is: don't bother. if the 

Actually, I wasn't.  I presumed (without evidence) that a great deal of 
the need for a small-scale homebrewer who makes batches less than 1/6 
barrel in size (me) to regularly clean and sanitize was because I did 
work at such a small scale.

> if you really need to clean in a period manner (demo or the like), water, 

Demonstration--something to think about in the back of my head...

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