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THe new book by Stephen Buhner  Sacred and Healing Beers; The Secrets of 
Ancient Fermentation has three pages devoted to Ground Ivy.  It is described 
as one of the primary herbs used in ale and beer in Europe. Its frequent use 
in beer can be seen in its common names: gill-go- over-the-ground, tunhoof, 
alehoof, and alehove.  Gerharde 1597, Culpepper 1651, and Grieve 1931 all 
comment on its use in ale.  It apparently improves the flavor and keeping 
qualities of beer along with acting as a clarifying agent.
Medicinally, ground ivy is diuetic, astringent, tonic, a digestive aid, and 
remedy for coughs and sore throats.  It is considered a tonic for the kidneys 
and a blood purifier.

Buhner suggests that it takes about 4 quarts of fresh plant to make an ounce 
of dried leaves for use in beer.  Ground ivy is generally gathered late in 
the summer.   He says the beer is delicious, with a unique taste all its own. 
If this plant grows near you, may find it worthwhile to rediscover it.

His recipe calls for  5# malted barley, 4 gallons water, 2# brown sugar, 3 
ounces ground ivy, yeast.
Happy brewing,
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