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Tue May 4 06:07:47 PDT 1999

In a message dated 5/3/99 8:09:04 PM EST, kaolson3 at hotmail.com writes:

<<       3.  If you have [one] put the ivy in [a] straining bag. I use a fine 
 bag from the brewing store.  If you don't just place it in the primary 
 fermenter.  Don't do this with a carboy, its a bitch to clean.  >>

	Amen to that last.  I did that once when dry-hopping, and it took me 
forever to get the adhering petals (sepals?) off the inside of the carboy.

Nowadays, when I dry-hop, I use a Cornelius keg for a secondary, and 
put plug hops in a sanitized bag, which I tie off and drop in through the 
clean-out.  That way they're easy to fish out.  Recommended.



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