hist-brewing: Gill-over-the-ground

bjm10 at cornell.edu bjm10 at cornell.edu
Tue May 4 05:27:24 PDT 1999

On Mon, 3 May 1999, Karen Olson wrote:

> 1. Are you positive that the plant is non-toxic?  If not don't even try it.

If it's real alehoof, it's as "non-toxic" as hops, which is technically 
"non-toxic" in brewing and cooking doses.  The dose makes the poison.

>       2. Figure out how sweet you want your wine or mead, there will be just 

I believe the brewer in question wants to use it in ale.

> 		4.  Pour your must over the ivy, add any nutrients and other additives you 
> need.  and proceed as you would for any wine.

If she's (Alix did call herself a "brewster") using it for ale, he would 
probably boil it in the wort, pretty much like hops.

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