hist-brewing: Mead

Michael D. Manning darke at inetworld.net
Sun May 2 17:31:05 PDT 1999

> Could anyone recommend books, recipes, equipment that would be
> particularly useful/necessary and also a place to get the equipment in
> the LA area or a reputable Mail order...

Greetings Stan,

    If you are looking for a single book for making mead, I recomend "Making
Mead (Honey Wine)" by Roger A. Morse  ISBN: 1-878075-04-7.This book contains
a little bit of everything (history, equipment, recipes, ect).
    I also have a copy of "The Bee's Lees" on line at:
http://www.inetworld.net/darke/beeslees.htm   This contains about 40 modern
recipes for meads, melomels, ect.

I hope this helps

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