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In a message dated 5/1/99 0:19:36 AM EST, mcfeeley at keynet.net writes:

<< I happened to spot this quote in Clara Furness' book _Honey Wines and 
     "The righteous shall be given to drink pure mead sealed with musk."
 	            -- The Koran  >>

	Me, I'm fascinated by another implication of the quote.  I know that 
the Koran specifically says that translation into other languages are only 
approximations, and that to get the real word, you must learn Arabic and read 
it in the original.  I don't suppose there are any devout Muslims on this 
listserv, but is there anyone who reads Arabic fluently??
	Is there any chance the Koran refers to honey water rather than mead? 
 Or are Muslims forbidden the juice of the grape, but not forbidden mead?


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