hist-brewing: Fruit in beer/ale

Wed Apr 21 13:32:40 PDT 1999

Historic Brewers,

I was wondering if anyone knew of a reference to the historical use of
fruit in beer or ale.  I have not found any references to this occurring pre
17th century, although I don't have the research base that some on this
list have available.   It is hard to believe that a medieval brewer wouldn't
have thrown a bucket of berries into a strong ale.  Or is there some
reason this may have been avoided?   I am aware that in Belgium there is
a history of fruits in Lambic's and also the addition of fruit syrups to
wheat beers in Germany. Does anyone know how far these practices
date back?  How about more recent history?  Does anyone know of the
use of fruit in beer in America pre-prohibition?  Is the advent of American
style fruit beer (bland, sweet beer with srtong fruit flavor) primally
accredited to the recent American homebrewer, or is there some historic
tie there?

Thanks for any info you can offer, this one has bugged me for a while,


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