hist-brewing: Hoegaardenish beer -Reply

Wed Apr 28 14:59:38 PDT 1999

I just made this beer and it turned out pretty good.  The only flaw is it is a
bit high in phenols because I used Wyeast Bavarian Wheat.  Try using
Wyeast Belgian White instead, it is the actual yeast from
Hoegaarden/Celis White.  The trick is to use a mash of about 55% pilsner
malt (I recomend DC) 40% UNMALTED wheat (use the flaked) and 5%
flaked oats.  You also need to add about 0.75 oz of coriander and 0.75
oz bitter curaco(sp?) orange peel.  Add the orang peel for the last
15-20min and the corriander for 5min.  As far as hops, shoot for 15-20
IBU's, Goldings work well.  If you want, add up to 1/2 oz flavoring hops, I
know Celis uses Cascade and so did I.  The final trick is to get a bit of a
sour tang.  Some people add acid at bottling, I used 3/4 pound of
Weyermans(sp?) Sour Malt because it bugs me to use additives.  Hard to
find but you can order it from www.stpats.com.  Look at the Cats Meow,
www.brewery.org, to get some ideas on what type of acid and how
much if you choose that path, just look at recipes for Belgian white or wit
ales.  When mashing the grain you will have to do a 15 to 30 min protein
rest to avoid a stuck sparge from all the unmalted grain.  Good luck and
contact me with any questions.

To keep this in subject, what is the history of this style of beer?  My
understanding is it dates back to before the use of hops and that is why
the orange peel was used to balance the sweetness.


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