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 That said, I bet the Germans were doing something different; possibly
 very different.  We know that Hildegard von Bingen had a hop garden at
 her abbey, and wrote about the use of hops in her herbal.  <snip>
 (BTW, does anyone have St. Hildegard's herbal text on-line?)
	For some reason, the back of my head is saying, "The Hildegard who 
wrote about hops was a different abbess, not the redoubtable Hildegard von 
Would somebody clarify this, please?

<<  (Though recently some home-brewers have
 been experimenting with throwing hops into the wort run-off as it is
 being run-off, so this *might* work somewhat as well.  It would be at
 least an interesting thing to try once.) >>
	From the earlier discussion, I thought that was a 19th-early-20th 
century practice?

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