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Chuck Graves Chuck.Graves at faa.gov
Thu Apr 8 07:42:10 PDT 1999

--- Chuck Graves <Chuck.Graves at faa.gov> wrote: 
>      Greetings,
>      My mailer botched up the message on Stepponi a bit:
>      I don't have _A Sip Through Time_ at hand, but I do have the Digby 
>      reprint.  Stepponi is little more than raisin tea.  It is quite
> good 
>      but NOT fermented.
>>I'm curious as to why you feel that stepponi isn't fermented.  After 
>>the 24 hour period Digby definitely says to bottle it and cellar it NOT 
>>drink it.  In this cellaring time it will absolutely ferment to a very 
>>lightly alcoholic slightly carbonated beverage not unlike modern 
>>Shandy. Especially after being exposed to all those airborne yeasts 
>>during its 24 hour steeping period.  

     I should clarify.  Digby does not _intentionally_ ferment stepponi.  
     Most all his other recipes specifically pitch yeast.  Stepponi is one 
     of the few that don't.
     Also, my house is well conditioned...make must for short mead, put in 
     carboy, let cool overnight with mouth open, pitch yeast if necessary 
     (4 times out of 5, I don't have to.)  However, stepponi doesn't take 
     and I usually do that in an open pot including the 24-hour steep.
     I'm sure you could ferment it; however, the recipe does not give 
     instructions to pitch yeast, and does not instruct you as to waiting 
     period before it is served (also, unusual for Digby.)
     Personally, I serve it up the next day.

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